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For over twenty years Capricorn has provided expert leadership in software services. Whether its keeping your data safe or fully leveraging software for efficiency, we have the expertise.

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Information Security

Data breaches of the past decade (Equifax, Yahoo, Sony Pictures, Home Depot) have made Information Security one of the top concerns of every organization. When a breach occurs, not only is there a loss of trust with customers, but – in recent years – the world has also witnessed the weaponization of compromised information.

Capricorn professionals, as a third party, can independently assess and test your organization’s critical infrastructure. We can work within your existing Incident Response framework or, if you don’t have one, help to establish one. An Incident Response Policy is critical to reduce legal exposure should a breach occur. After initial assessment and review, Capricorn may perform network and/or application vulnerability assessments, as required.

Some of our clients that have multiple web-facing applications find it difficult to test each of them every year (budget constraints). Many of these clients choose to perform some testing annually, but may schedule the applications on a rotational basis. As an example, if there were nine web-facing applications, they might choose to test three annually. After three years they will all have been tested. This schedule is then documented in the appropriate section of the Incident Response Policy.

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